We've been calling out the gentrification in Manhattan Chinatown, and now we invite YOU to include your communities' voices in our upcoming interactive workshop at the Smithsonian APA Center's CTRL+ALT: Culture Lab on Imagined Futures. Check out the call below, and peep Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center's artist line-up this weekend! Here's the FB invite  https://www.facebook.com/SmithsonianAPA/videos/680192628824077/

Chinatown Art Brigade National Call

Over the past few months, Chinatown Art Brigade has joined forces with Chinatown Tenants Union of CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, The Illuminator, the W.O.W. Project, Decolonize This Place at Artists Space, and others in NYC to call attention to the community rezoning campaign and issues of tenant displacement and gentrification in Manhattan’s Chinatown.
In the spirit of engaging and building with communities beyond New York City, this national call for digital submissions seeks to collectively inspire, exchange histories and strategies, and share our visions for the future.

Selected submissions will be projected on location and shared on social media as part of Chinatown Art Brigade’s interactive workshop at the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center’s
CTRL+ALT: Culture Lab on Imagined Futures
November 12-13, 2016 | 11am-9pm @ 477 Broadway, SoHo/Chinatown, NYC SMITHSONIANAPA.ORG/ALT | @smithsonianapa | #CTRLALT


Submit an image, photo, or message about your community that responds to
one of the prompts below:                                                   

  • The PAST: Honoring our community’s stories and memories 
  • The PRESENT: Resistance and resilience within your community
  • The FUTURE:  You or your community’s vision for the future

• Original photos, images, or designs in digital format only
• FILE FORMATS: jpg, tiff, mov, mp4, pdf
• Copyrighted or trademarked images are strictly prohibited
• Please provide a credit line
• Multilingual messages and captions highly encouraged
• Submit digital files to: chinatownartbrigade@gmail.com

• There are no fees or compensation for submissions
• By submitting your design, you permit Chinatown Art Brigade to display your
work in a public interactive projection workshop and on social media.
SUBMISSIONS DUE: November 9, 2016 (by midnight)
# # # CHINATOWN IS NOT FOR SALE • CHINATOWN IS NOT FOR SALE # # # Chinatown Art Brigade is a cultural collective of artists, media makers, and activists creating
art and media to advance social justice.