Please join Chinatown Art Brigade 唐人街藝術隊/ 唐人街艺术队 and Pearl River Mart for

WHAT: Opening Reception & Meet the Brigade of "Resilience/Resistance" Exhibit
WHEN: Saturday January 7th from 1-4pm

WHERE: Pearl River Mart @ 395 Broadway, New York, New York

The Exhibit Is Open Daily
January 7th to January 22nd

10 AM to 7:20 PM

The “Resilience/Resistance: Chinatown Art Brigade” exhibit puts a more diverse human face on gentrification by celebrating resilience and resistance, and by giving local residents a way to tell their own stories of displacement. As artists and as activists, we recognize the urgency to act now to protect this community from an uncertain future.

We believe that collaborations with community residents, artists and activists in spaces like the Pearl River Mart will bring us a step closer to understanding the ways in which artists and community can work together in movements for social change.

The exhibit features members and supporters of Chinatown Art Brigade:
Enbion Micah Aan
Tomie Arai
Emily Chow Bluck
Kahean Chang
Louis Chan
Liz Moy
ManSee Kong
David Tang
Mimi Yaw
Betty Yu
Zhi Qin Zheng

We will also be hosting artist talks on Sat. Jan. 14th & 15th from 1 to 4pm. Details HERE.

We’d like to thank the Chen family for offering us the opportunity to showcase the work of ten members and supporters of the Chinatown Brigade in the new Pearl River Mart gallery, which has developed into a dynamic cultural space for art, dialogue and exchange. 


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