Smithsonian's "Imagined Futures": Chinatown Art Brigade's Workshops & Talks

Saturday Nov. 12th & Sunday 13th 2016 @ 477 Broadway (site of the former Pearl River Mart) in Chinatown/Soho

"Buttons for Change": Sat, Nov 12th (2:30-3:30pm)
Chinatown Art Brigade members will lead a hands-on button making workshop and share agitprop materials that have been generated to support housing justice in NY Chinatown

"Artists Talk: Chinatown Not for Sale": Sat. Nov 12th (3:30-4:30pm)
Come hear about the work of Chinatown Art Brigade’s “Here to Stay” Project that includes large scale outdoor projections that address displacement in NYC's Chinatown. The collective will also discuss their recent Town Hall meeting and ‘pledge against displacement’ they have created for galleries, newcomer artists, and gentrifiers to sign onto in Chinatown.

"Here to Stay: An Evening Projection": Sat. Nov 12th (6-7pm)
Join the Chinatown Art Brigade for our Here to Stay outdoor projection that will feature interactive large-scale outdoor projections addressing themes of gentrification, community resilience and resistance in NYC's Chinatown. The projection will highlight the People’s Pad, an interactive tool where passerby are invited to write “live” messages that will projected onto walls.

"A Point Past the Present": Sun. Nov 13th (12-1pm)
Chinatown Art Brigade, with the help of participants from the public, will create a time capsule capturing images of Pearl River Mart’s past while giving forth ideas, wishes, hopes, and dreams for the future of Chinatown. Participants will be invited to take polaroid snapshots of tchotchkes typically sold by Pearl River Mart, write their dreams for Chinatown on the photos, and contribute their words and image to the time capsule.

"Past, Present, Futurisms: An interactive live projection workshop with Chinatown Art Brigade": Sun Nov 13th (2-3pm)
In the spirit of engaging and building with communities beyond New York City, Chinatown Art Brigade conducted a national call for digital submissions that seek to collectively inspire, exchange histories and strategies, and share our visions for the future. During this interactive workshop, we will screen selected submissions from the national call and invite people to write  messages live-projected on the People’s Pad.

"Reimagining a Future for Chinatown": Sun Nov 13th (5:30-6:30pm)
Come hear about the organizing efforts of CAAAV Chinatown Tenants Union, a grassroots group mobilizing for tenant rights, fighting evictions and community empowerment. They will also discuss the community-led rezoning plan that will protect affordable housing and discourage displacement in Chinatown