Vision and Values

Chinatown Art Brigade is a cultural collective that recognizes the power of art to advance social justice. Here are some of our fundamental values that drives our collective:

  • An underlying principle that drives our work is the fundamental belief that collaboration with and accountability to those communities that are directly impacted by racial, social and economic inequities must be central to any cultural, art or media making process.
  • Our art/culture/media projects support the self-determination of communities to tell their own stories of identity, struggle, and collective liberation. We provide the artful platforms for frontline communities to tell their own stories in their own voice.
  • We understand that arts and culture are powerful vehicles to bring people together to communicate and discuss social, economic and political issues that affect our everyday lives. It can often make issues more accessible and create a universal language that everyone understands. Therefore creative work must be accessible to the communities it depicts and serves.
  • We understand that art and cultural work must be part of a larger context of movement building work in order for it to have real resonance and impact in people's material lives. Storytelling and art is most effective when connected to larger social justice organizing work.
  • We know that arts and culture can move hearts and minds and provoke people to take action. Cultural change often precedes the political change.
  • We believe that building long term relationships with frontline communities and even getting involved in local fights is important in building trust. This is crucial for creating community-driven cultural and art work that is transformative and that can help provoke real change.
  • Art-making should (and has the potential to) impact policy change.