October 8, 2018 * Laura Flanders Show
Decolonize is a verb: Anti Columbus Day Tour 2018

May 24, 2018  *  A Blade of Grass
Histories of Activism in Chinatown

March 21, 2018  *  D Magazine
When Artists and Tenants Join Forces in the Fight for Affordable Housing

March 6, 2018  *  D Magazine
Amid Neighborhood Displacement, Artists Weight Their Impacts

March 1, 2018  *  Art in America
Issues and Commentary: Here to Stay

Photo: Louis Chan

November 10, 2017  *  Hyperallergic
Anti-Gentrification Activists Protest Laura Owens Exhibition at Whitney Museum

November 1, 2017  *  Waging Nonviolence
NYC Activist Protest Chinatown gallery exhibit for being ‘racism disguised as art’

October 31, 2017  *  Bedford + Bowery
Protesters Decry ‘Racism Disguised as Art’ as Controversial Chinatown Show Closes

October 28, 2017  *  Hyperallergic
Protestors Return to James Cohan Gallery to Say Goodbye to “Omer Fast’s Racist Show”

October 19, 2017  *  Hyperallergic
Artist Omer Fast Compares Protesters to Alt-Right, Chinatown Art Brigade Responds

October 19, 2017  *  NBC News Asian America
Chinatown Activists Criticize Art Installation Called 'Racist,' 'Poverty Porn'

October 19, 2017  *  New York Times
Artist Defends Chinatown Exhibit After Protests

October 20, 2017  *  The Guardian
New York’s Chinatown Hits Back at Omer Fast’s ‘poverty porn’ art exhibition

October 18, 2017  *  ARTNews
‘I’m Not Surprised There Have Been Critical Reactions’: Omer Fast Responds to Protests at James Cohan Show

October 18, 2017  *  ArtForum
Chinatown Art Brigade Protests Omer Fast Exhibition at James Cohan Gallery

October 16, 2017  *  Hyperallergic
Chinatown Art Brigade Protests Omer Fast’s “Racist” Exhibition at James Cohan Gallery

October 16, 2017  *  ARTNews
‘Racist Art Has No Business Here’: Activists and Chinatown Residents Protest Omer Fast Show at James Cohan Gallery

October 16, 2017  *  DNAinfo
Gallery Defends ‘Chinatown’ Display Critics Call Racist ‘Poverty Porn’

October 16, 2017  *  Bowery Boogie
Chinatown Art Brigade Protests Racially Insensitive ‘Poverty Porn’ at James Cohan Gallery

October 11, 2017  *  Hyperallergic
Artist Omer Fast’s Take on Chinatown Angers Community Organizations

May 17, 2017  *  The Indypendent
‘Not For Sale’ -- the Chinatown Art Brigade is Taking on Gentrification Wall by Wall

February 7, 2017  *  Hyperallergic
A Brief History of the Art Collectives of NYC’s Chinatown

February 6, 2017  *  Hyperallergic
At a Museum’s #J20 Event, Hitting the Limits of Inclusivity

January 26, 2017  *  Sinovision
Resilience of the Chinatown Art Brigade

January 19, 2017  *  The Villager
Art reflects reality in Chinatown exhibit on housing


Community conversations: "Chinatown: New York's Newest Gallery Scene?" at Wing On Wo & Co.
Photo: Kira Simon-Kennedy